Affiliate Program Guidelines

Screener’s Choice offers an affiliate program for additional discounts for your orders in the form of store credits. In order to earn store credits, you must use the affiliate program link generated for your account in the Coupon Code section of the checkout process. Screener’s Choice pays affiliate credits to three tiers. With each tier, you can earn credit based on the cart totals. Your account is set to the Tier 1 position. The following credits apply:

Tier 1: 10%

Tier 2: 5%

Tier 3: 5%

How this applies to your account: When you place an order, your account is credited at the Tier 1 level on your next order. If this order is $100.00, 10% is applied on this order for a store credit of $10.00. Upon checkout of your next order, the store credit will automatically be applied.

The Referral Program:

If you refer someone to our store and they make a purchase, they will become Tier 1 and your account is Tier 2. They will receive a 10% credit when using their affiliate program code and your account will receive 5% of their order. The same applies for when someone you referred, refers someone else. The final referral is at Level 1, the person you referred is at Level 2 and your account is at Level 3. This pays out as 5% to your account, 5% to your referral’s account and 10% to their referral’s account.

There are two ways to create your affiliate account:

  1. On the My Account menu at the top of any page on, choose My Account > Register. Enter your information and at the bottom of the page, under the Affiliate Information section, enter a custom tracking code. If you leave this area blank, our system will create a tracking code for you. It is simpler to remember upon checkout if you create this code. If you allow our system to do this for you, be sure to write your code down and use it upon checkout each time you place an order. Without this code, you will not receive store credit.
  2. You can add items to your shopping cart before you have an account. Upon checkout, you can add your affiliate information before placing your order. To do this, you will choose your shopping cart, and choose New Customer > Continue. Fill out the proper information, but note, in this area, you will not be able to create your own customized affiliate tracking code. Our system will create one for you. If you wish to create your own customized code, you must use the first method listed above.

How to use your affiliate tracking code for a store credit on your next order:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Shop for your products
  3. Once complete, click on the shopping cart in the upper right of your window
  4. Click View Cart in the window that opens
  5. Choose Use Coupon Code
  6. Enter your affiliate link and apply
  7. Choose Checkout and finish your order

Once the order is complete and shipped, a credit will be applied to your account for 10% of the order amount minus shipping and tax. Upon completion of your next order, your store credit will automatically be applied.

How to refer customers for referral credit:

  1. After you are registered, if you are not logged in, go to the top right menu and choose My Account > Login
  2. Login to your account (If you are already logged in, choose My Account > My Account
  3. Choose Affiliate Account
  4. Under Link for Affiliates to Sign Up Under You, choose the first URL as your link. If you want to place this on your website and are unsure how to use it, contact your IT administrator for assistance. If you wish to send a link directly to someone, you may copy and paste this link to them.
  5. This link takes your referral directly to the registration page. They must register using this link and not leave this page. If they leave this page before registration is complete, there is no way for to link this referral to your account.

Before shopping on, it is always best to choose the My Account > Login menu and login using your account information before adding anything into your cart.

Without these details being followed, Screener’s Choice cannot give credit for any orders. Our site is an automated system and will create credits when the above directions are followed.

If you have any questions regarding this program, contact us at (727) 475-6625 or