• EZ-T Textile Foil 12"x200' Pink

Create that exciting new look to take your designs to the extreme! Stand out with our EZ-T Textile Foils! Available in multiple colors and 12" or 24" Rolls.

1 Roll of 12"x200' Pink Textile Foil

Using foils on tshirts isn't anything new, but it hasn't taken off like it could and eventually will. One reason, is the difficulty in the process of achieving consistent results. In our video tutorial, we show you how simple it truly can be with the right combination of tools. Not only is it simple, but you will be able to achieve the same results time after time after time after time......

Using EZ-T Textile Foils with Plastisol Ink or EZ-T Plastisol Textile Foil Adhesive

A couple of brands that work well would be Rutland and Wilflex.

1. Set Heat Press to 375

2. Use Medium to Firm Pressure

3. Place Foil Up Covering the Entire Image

4. Place a Silicone Sheet, Parchment Paper or Plastisol Transfer Paper Over Foil

5. Press for 6 Seconds

6. Let Cool Completely and Peel

If there is any type of foil left in the image area on the sheet, then various factors could apply. You may want to increase pressure or time settings. The image may not have been cooled completely, the ink wasn't thick enough, or you may have used an ink that doesn't have the tested results needed for the foil. One additional factor for the Adhesive would be that the coverage isn't enough. This is one reason it is best to use a coarse mesh like a 60 or 83 for printing.

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EZ-T Textile Foil 12"x200' Pink

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