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How It Works

Getting scanned or imported logos into shape can be a hassle. Most people working with graphics agree that poor quality, low-res images will result in unprofessional finished products no matter which tracing program you use. For many, the only option to get good looking graphics was to redraw everything manually.- Graphic Tracer can restore graphics in minutes and make them look perfect!

Click your way through the tools of Graphic Tracer and in a few simple steps you will have recreated the graphic to its original look. You will get perfect graphics that can be used for any purpose.
The active help system provides you with instructions for the current tasks.
The original image is displayed in the background making editing easy.
Easy to use tools make perfect arcs, lines, curves and corners. Symmetrical shapes are quickly fixed with five different mirroring tools.
The identified font is projected on top of the graphics to ensure that it is a 100% match.
Fonts that you don't own can be quickly located online by Graphic Tracer. Over 20,000+ fonts can be downloaded for free.
If you own the font, click the "Replace" button and swap the text in your image with the correct font.
Graphic Tracer can recognize typefaces even if the text has been stretched or compressed.
Identify over 100,000 fonts! Search any font collections you own, even when they are not installed.
Fix common shapes, repeated objects and outline effects with a click.


A good quality autotrace is the key to quickly producing professional graphics. Graphic Tracer uses the latest Sensedge™ technology and creates good looking vector graphics even from poor bitmap images such as web-graphics, photos and scanned logos. Get good looking and easy to edit graphics with lines, curves, arcs and corners in all the right places.


Do you spend too much time trying to figure out fonts? It can take hours and many times you won't even find the answer. Everyone working with graphics has this problem. Graphic Tracer automatically identifies over 100,000 fonts from a variety of font collections, and 20,000+of them can be immediately downloaded for free from the Internet. If you own the identified font, you can replace the text right into your graphics with one click.

Restore contour effects in seconds

Restoring an outline effect is easy once the text has been restored to the correct font. Graphic Tracer will automatically re-calculate the effect from the replaced text and give you a perfect contour from low-res images without the need for any additional editing.

Quickly fix almost any graphic!

Instead of spending many tiresome hours trying to get an image ready for production, let Graphic Tracer reconstruct the graphics to it’s original condition. Texts are automatically identified and replaced, contours re-calculated and common shapes can quickly be repaired. Mirrored shapes can be reproduced with a minimum of editing and repeated shapes can be easily transferred to all similar objects– Save Time and Increase Profit with Graphic Tracer!

Graphic Tracer Professional - Specifications
  • Open or import file formats:PICT, BMP, DIB, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PBM, PCD, PCX, PGM, PNG, PPM, TGA, AI, EPS, DXF, CGC, IMZ & GT.
  • Scanning:TWAIN 32 support for scanners (Windows version)
  • Export/save file formats:EPS, AI, SVG, HPGL (PLT), DXF, IMZ & GT
  • ClikLink™:One click import & export to and from Corel Draw and Illustrator
  • Sensedge Autotracing™:Gives total control of the bitmap to vector conversion process of color, grayscale or black/white images.
  • Editing:Comprehensive object and node editing including transformations, alignment, welding and smart editing tools that do not cause gaps between paths giving you perfect color alignment
  • Intelligent replace shape tools:Copy repeated shapes, one click conversion to circles, ellipses, triangles, squares etc.Size and rotation are calculated automatically. Re-calculate outline contours on graphics
  • Automatic clean up tool:Removes redundant nodes and inserts new ones in the right places.
  • Drawing tools:Circle, ellipse, square, rectangle and pen tool.
  • Guidelines   layout:Rulers, grid and "magnetic" guide lines.
  • Bitmap editing tools:Increase or decrease the resolution and edit a bitmap before it is auto traced.
  • FontEye™ Tool:Quickly identify the typeface used in almost any text! Texts with different alignments, script typefaces and fonts in stretched and compressed texts are also recognized. Search more than 100,000 identifiable fonts in typeface collections from a variety of different sources. Links are provided where 20,000+ fonts can be downloaded for free on their site.Font Database creation: Make your own searchable FontEye™ databases from your own typeface collections or installed
  • Font Database creation:Make your own searchable FontEye™ databases from your own typeface collections or installed fonts.
  • Replace text with the correct font:This feature is only possible using fonts that you own, but they do not need to be installed!
Graphic Tracer Professional - Technical Requirements
  • Operating systems: Windows XP - Windows 10 (Mac OSX Coming Soon)
  • Approximately 10 GB of free hard disk space.
  • Internet connection required.

What are people saying?

This is the answer to spending too much time laboring through countless magazines, font sites, and checking with other letterheads in trying to locate the right font...

..a must have programme for all sign companies big or small. The time it saves will pay back the cost after the first few jobs and will make you not fear the next customer who says it has to look just like this...

This programme has made my life easier and I don't worry about how do I bill all the extra hours of art time.By far the best programme to come along...  I use it, I enjoy the time it saves me and like I say "Time is Money".

John "Tramp" Warner, Ontario, Canada

This program has saved me so much time and money, and has reduced the amount of time I used to spend retracing logos, business cards, etc.  My only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner.

Jim Oney, Midwest Signs & Graphics, Port Bryon, IL

This software has made our shop more productive.  Jobs that used to take hours have been reduced to minutes!

Vinh Huynh, SIGNS, Portland, Oregon

$15/mo.billed monthly or$10/mo billed annually

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Graphic Tracer Professional - Trial Download

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